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Name/Surname: Vasile Tarlev

Date of birth: 09.10.1963;

Place of birth: Moldova, Bascalia village, Basarabeasca district;

Nationality: Moldavian;

Тel: (+373 22)  23-22-78;  (+373 22) 23-29-22;

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ;

Marital statute: Married, two children;



2008 - Kiev, Ukraine,  Thesis defence, Degree Doctor of Science with subsequent nostrification degree of Doctor Habilitate;

1998 Member - Academician of the International Academy of Computer Science and Systems;

1997 - Thesis defence, Degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences, Kiev, Ukraine;

1985-1990 - Polytechnic Institute "Sergey Lazo", Speciality- Ingineer, Chisinau, The  Republic of Moldova;



- Doctor habilitate;

- Doctor of technical science;

- Ph.D, Member -Academician of the International Academy of Computer Science and Systems;

- <Doctor Honoris Causa> National University of the Physical Education and Sport;

- Has published more than 136 scientific papers.

- The results of research were presented at conferences in Craiova, Lviv, Krakow, Pitesti, Chishiniov and Kiev.

- Is the author of 13 inventions for which was awarded: 1 - Medal of Honor, 9 - gold medals, 7 - silver medals, 3 - bronze medals, 7 - diplomas.

- Scientific works results was presented at numerous exhibitions in the U.S., Switzerland, Morocco, Moldova,


Work activity:

2010 – present - the President of National Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Moldova;

2001 – 2008 - Prime- minister of the Republic of Moldova;

2005- The Deputy of Moldavian Parliament.

1998 – present - President of the Commodity Producers  National Association of the Republic of Moldova;

1997 – 2000 -  Member of Economic Council of the President and the Prime-minister of the Republic of Moldova;

1995-2001 - General Director of «Bucuria»;

1995 – 1998 – President of National Association of Moldova;

1993-1995 - Deputy General Director, «Bucuria»;

1991-1993 - Deputy chief engineer and later chief engineer «Bucuria»;

1990-1991 – Mechanic Chief of the Production Association "Bucuria";

1981 1983 –  Service in the Army. The Colonel Rank



2013 –   In  gratitude for decent work for the benefit and glory of the Orthodox Church of Moldova Mr. Tarlev was awarded with  the Ordine "Rev. Paisija Velichkovsky".

2013 - For a significant contribution to the development of the integration of the Eurasian economic space Mr. Tarlev was awarded  with  the  Ordine «СОДРУЖЕСТВО»  l grade.

2013- For Distinguished contribution to the development of higher education and science Mr. Tarlev was awarded   with the "Medal of S.A.U.M."

2012 - Scientific Title "Doctor Honoris Causa" by the State University of Physical Education and Sports;

2010 - For the significant contributions and assistance on the development of Slavic Literature and Culture,  diploma and a Golden Sign of Honor "Antioch Cantemir";

2009 - For outstanding achievements in the development of the international economy Iwas  awarded with the Order "Alexei Kosygin";

2008 - For the significant advances in the professional activities of social and economic development of Moldova,  significant contribution to the efficient government administration, development and implementation of national programs on high professional quality he was awarded with  the Highest State Award of the country "Ordinul Republicii";

2007 - For contribution in construction and repair of churches and monasteries he was  awarded "Ştefan cel Mare şi Sfînt";

2000 -  I was awarded with a gold medal "For effective management";

1999 - Personal gold badge with the award of the prize “Man that defines image of the Planet”;

1995-2000 - Diplomas "The Businessman of  1995-2000 years";

1997 - For special achievements in the work and social activity I was  awarded "Gloria muncii";
CNIAM.MD - Congresul Naţional al Industriaşilor şi Antreprenorilor din Moldova